About us

We at TerraLive believe that for moving towards low carbon economy and to reverse climate change there is an urgent need for commitment and awareness to change patterns of consumption and construction, use renewable resources, improve energy efficiencies, reduce water footprint and reduce waste generation. TerraLive is all about promoting and implementing these.

TerraLive is a dedicated team of professionals committed to work towards  sustainability development goals (SDGs) bringing in efficiency, resilience and scalability in harmony with nature pertaining to all human endeavours.

TerraLive’s constant endeavour is to bring forth awareness and ideas in these realms for choosing efficient technology, harness the strength of natural elements (solar paths, wind patterns, climate, rainfall etc), biophilic elements, materials with low embodied energy, water saving methodologies etc. to the advantage of humans to weave a healthy, comfortable and cost effective environment built intelligently and as integrated solutions.


Minimum intervention to maximize leverage using technological marvels, power of natural elements and human ingenuity to attain sustainable solutions for built environments and minimize ecological footprint on Earth. TerraLive believes that sustainable design, construction and living should not be a mere add-on but should be the driving principle for all human endeavors.


Our vision is to become the most trusted bespoke-integrated-technological solution provider based on three pillars of sustainability – People, Planet and Profit, catering to various sectors like urban development, rural sectors, infrastructure, transport, manufacturing etc.