Terra = Earth= “Prithvi” is a living planet with all natural forces working in tandem to keep the life forces in existence as perceived by human eye and beyond. The manmade structures and human-life has disturbed the natural balances for its development and the living entity “Earth” is under tremendous stress.

Cities being the epicenter of economic growth have become the brewing pots of creativity and employment. This inevitably has lead to urban woes in terms of housing, sanitation, hygiene, transport, air quality. The cities which were meant to keep citizens cohesive, happy, safe and content, are in reality moving opposite to it.

On a positive note, the cities are the new nodes of opportunities for course correction. They are triggering individual, political and legislative will to inculcate and implement sustainability and resilience in the design of buildings, transport, communication and services. Green Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Villages are relevant projects in action.

What a perfect time to use technology when required and stipulate it when it starts tearing the ecological & social fabric! A tough but wise balance is the way forward.

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In view of this, we at TerraLive harness the potential of technology and leverage the power of natural elements to provide customized best-fit  solutions to the new and existing built structures by ensuring minimum intervention for sustainability and resilience. Our solutions for Greening the built structures ( New or existing) are worked upon by balancing human health and comfort, economic benefits (as in ROI and Cost of construction & operation) and environmental health. By relying on an integrated & holistic approach each case is analyzed on a life-cycle approach basis for its long term benefits.